Sunday, November 8, 2009


This morning I went to church where we had a guest speaker from Africa. Where he possed many thought provoking things but one thought in particular that Americans really dont know what it means to sacrifice vs the people of Africa. We say that we have the swine flu they have hundreds dieing daily from aids and TB. We Americans {I can only speak of my self} spend money on self {ex. Gps', going out to eat, and things that I think are needs} where they may get one meal a day. We have a place of worship,
comfortable pues a beauthiful building and a bible that we can read in our own language where as they do not have a bible in there own language or a place of worship but that it is on the dirt under a tree.
But when I ask myself or attempt to answer the question about the idea of going into full time ministry I think here I am 50 years of age, possibly 5 - 6 years from retirement, a daughter to finish raising and to try to help get started in life, do I really have to go to college as part of going into full time ministry, sell my home and truck. But to sit here in the greatest country in the world with all the blessing that the Lord has given us and know that there are people dieing every second in this world and going to Hell. This really has caused me to do some gut searching about the, "Missions is the heart beat of the Lord."
Am I trying to justify away Gods calling to me of the idea that God wants me to go into full time ministry or was this just a man made emotional time in church. But I think maybe, just maybe that I, as a church, as a nation are we really doing all that we can do as christains to further cause of Christ or are we just sitting fat in the fact that we are sitting very comfortable in life!

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